Israel travel video – pilgrimage of Jesus’s life

Israel travel video - pilgrimage of Jesus's life
We are taking a religious pilgrimage through Israel in this episode of Aboard the Guiding Light. We are are going to examine the locations of major events in the life of Jesus.

We are going to start with the location of Jesus’s birth in Bethlehem and see the manger. Nearby we will check out the palace/fortress of Herold the Great. Our next stop will be in Nazareth where Jesus grew up. Several churches contain the home of Mary, Mary’s Well, Joseph’s home, and the synagogue where Jesus taught. We will also check out the reenactment from 200 years ago at Nazareth Village.

Next is the baptistmal site in the Jordan River at Jericho. This is also where he was tempted in the desert and the ancient city fell to the faithful. From here we will visit the Sea of Galilee to see many of Jesus ministry sites including Peter’s home, the feeding of 5000, and a 2000 year old fishing boat.

Jesus’s death and resurrection happened in Jerusalem where we will visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Upper Room, Calvery, and tomb along with King David’s tomb, the Temple Mount, West Wall, Dome of the Rock, and City of David.

The last two places we will visit are Jaffa, where St Peter had the vision allowing him to minister to non Jews, and Akko, the last stronghold of the Crusaders in the Holy Land.

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Israel travel video – pilgrimage of Jesus’s life