India Hotel Hunt: Udaipur Cheap Rooms

India Hotel Hunt: Udaipur Cheap Rooms
■ UDAIPUR, INDIA: Budget hotels in India are ridiculously cheap. Especially when all you need is a bed to sleep on and don’t care much for having a fridge, hot water and all the comforts Westerners generally demand when abroad. Cut out these amenities and the price of a hotel room quickly drops from all the way down to !. In this video we check out a variety of budget hotels in the Indian city of Udaipur.

India Hotel Hunt: Udaipur Cheap Rooms

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  1. I have been watching Harald for some time ever since I came across his posts from Thailand. I was interested in seeing his Indian Vlogs and was pleased to hear comments from his mate as he was getting a haircut on the street. As a result of that, I have been following Harald and Mr Bald all through India……Quite possibly the best collaboration of any travel vlog or travel TV show I have ever seen…..Please guys, team up again. I have loved every minute.

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  3. Enjoying every minute of your video. You are in my Home State.
    And I am glad that u and Mr Bald are enjoying.
    One more thing If you ever get time visit South India as well where I currently stay(Bangalore) . It has its own beauty.

  4. its best to check rates at Goibibo, before you pay for them.
    you obviously will be quoted double for everything.

  5. Why do you guys always ask twice is they are telling the truth ? Does it work , or are you looking for facial expression

  6. This is my favorite hotel Ive seen yet. Id be up there smoking hash and drinking some fishers, cheers!

  7. You guys can also visit the southern parts of India. Very friendly people here too. There are places where you can stay and eat at people’s place for free.

  8. Visit nepal, its a country between china and india and make vlog here in nepal,pokhara,kathmandu and other exicting

  9. so I get traveling on a budget, but that last hotel was pretty nice and at like 39$ that's pretty cheap in a budget for a nice night at a room, plus you're supporting their business and showing respect to Indians working hard. I would have stayed.

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