Huge Archway Cliffs in FRANCE! (Étretat, Normandy)

Day 413 – We’re heading to the Normandy coast to explore some amazing cliffs in the town of Étretat, France! These white cliffs have formed crazy archways which are absolutely stunning. The town also have a ton of WWII history, which we had a blast learning about!

The restaurant we ate at in Le Havre was Le Chat Bleu:

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Huge Archway Cliffs in FRANCE! (Étretat, Normandy)
Huge Archway Cliffs in FRANCE! (Étretat, Normandy)

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14 thoughts on “Huge Archway Cliffs in FRANCE! (Étretat, Normandy)”

  1. – Wicked. I was just in Le Havre the other day. Fortunately I was able to experience it during the heat 🙂
    I'm a bit jealous you were able to visit that epic cliffside. Wow!

  2. Great video. Sorry to tell you this, but you can't see England from Le Havre. I've done the ferry ride from Le Havre to Portsmouth a couple of times and at the mid point you can't see either France or England. To see England you'd need to go much further north to Calais.

  3. The city, beach, cliff, everything looks amazing! & somehow I find Allison really cute in this vid haha
    & so excited to see more of the historical adventures!

  4. If you're still in the North of France and have the chance to drive up north towards Belgium, make sure you visit Wissant and Boulogne sur Mer. It is amazing over there. And the French cuisine, we miss it here in Mexico.

  5. Great video! Does anyone know what camera they use?? The quality's awesome on these vids 🙂

  6. hi guys, im your follower. i just wondered if u guys have a plan to go to Indonesia sometimes? Bali maybe?

  7. I loved visiting northern France a couple of years ago. Check out Amiens and its Cathedral also there are many WW1 cemeteries dotted in the landscape near the Somme river. Also the ceremony at the Menin gate would be great to see.

  8. Whoah, love the cliffs and weather. We're traveling in Devon right now and the cliffs, and rain, and waves are incredible. We've also gotten several days of sunshine. Thanks for sharing your travels -H 👏👏👏
    –> Family of four Vlogging through Europe <—

  9. Incredible video like you always do ! Good luck guys 🙂

    Try visiting Bordeaux by the way 😀

  10. Awesome! My favorite thing to do when I'm traveling is to just explore until I find something really cool and then explore some more. That bunker in the cliff was great!

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