How To END A Travel Video (3 Tricks)

How To END A Travel Video (3 Tricks)
In this video you’re going to learn exactly how to END a travel video. This is a problem I see all the time with my own students, and on youtube in general.

People don’t know how to end their videos! They’ll create awesome edits, with great cinematography… but their endings are way too often an anti-climax, and don’t feel rounded-out or complete.

In this video you’ll learn some overall points as well a 3 specific tricks you can use to smash the ending every time.

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How To END A Travel Video (3 Tricks)

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  1. How would you describe that sound effect Thomas? I really like it but don’t know what to look for! Thanks

  2. Great tips, can I just add to that song tip of trimming the middle, if anyone has adobe cc and they can get adobe audition there is a remix option and you can change the length of any song to any length and it will either loop the middle or cut it out seamlessly. All you have to do is type in the length you want the track to be e.g 4min song you could just type in 1:20 and it will do all the hard work for you.

  3. Thomas Alex Norman, you don't know who we are, but we have been watching your videos for a couple of years now. We have a small YouTube channel where we post our travel videos. We are nowhere close to having your artistic talent and we only use our iPhones, which limits the cinematography of what we do (not that we would know what to do with a sophisticated camera anyway 🙂🙂🙂). But we have been following your advice in our angles and our editing and have slowly improved over time. Today, we had our first video reach 100,000 views. You have no idea what this milestone means for small YouTubers like us. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts ❤️❤️❤️. Your easy tips have helped us make our videos better and we went from completely amateurish to somewhat intermediate, which has been enough to lift some of our latest videos. We are so glad that people like you post tips on YouTube for free (although we’ve watched some of the commercials before your videos, haha). You provide great help to people like us. Please keep making your videos. And you're hot too 😘😘😘.

  4. I’m a beginner, and your videos are always big help for my every video making problem. Thank you so much 🙏

  5. Really helpful tips brother, I always looking ways how to end my video and music without finishing the whole music track.

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