Hilton Hotels Shift with RAMMGaming!

Hilton Hotels Shift with RAMMGaming!
Come and join me as I am on shift at Hilton Hotels with RAMMGaming! I will link his YT below!

Thank you to all my subscribers. I am so close to 4K! I love each and every one of you! Feel free to join my fan group on ROBLOX!

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RAMM’s YT: https://bit.ly/2NAaHqT

Thumbnail by; Anxyze (aka Andy RBLX ): https://bit.ly/2u2tnaW

Hilton Hotels Shift with RAMMGaming!

17 thoughts on “Hilton Hotels Shift with RAMMGaming!”

  1. I got a perm ban from the game for no reason can you please unban me my username is : serenagarb thx! loved the video!

  2. Your close to 4.0K!

    Edit: Will she do a Face Reveal? (Plz hecc yas)

  3. Hi Saab_ii, can you ask what happened to my rank in Hilton? I was a receptionist. My gamer tag is (sissybplays)

  4. Hello Saab! I was thinking of quitting HH because an HR lied about me swearing for some reason and I may get demoted 🙁 I was just wondering how to become an HR/MR? Just in case I don't get demoted because it has been my DREAM to become an HR/MR! 🙂

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