Gordon Ramsay Cannot Handle These Hotel Hell Owners

Gordon Ramsay Cannot Handle These Hotel Hell Owners
Not surprising why some of them need help.

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Gordon Ramsay Cannot Handle These Hotel Hell Owners

16 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay Cannot Handle These Hotel Hell Owners”

  1. You can’t get fresh burgers so make some it’s not exactly rocket science to mince some meat and a bit fat.

  2. I had to pause the video to eat my mac and cheese because I almost lost my appetite

  3. Why is this guy such a dick, he disrespected that dude with the sunglasses behind his neck or was it just a script?

  4. иσ ∂σσяѕ αи∂ иσ ѕєαт вєℓт ιѕ gσσ∂ яιgнт? ρѕ ι'м вєιиg ѕαя¢αѕтι¢
    try to read it with the font

  5. Why do the videos look like it was filmed in the "300" Movie? It's all so dim and tinted.

  6. There's no such thing as a fresh Burger in Eastern Washington. That's good to know. LOL

  7. we love the way you get in the owner's faces and show them the shitty state their restaurant is in! no wonder our dad hates eating out. BOILED BURGERS? are you kidding us? our dad goes to our local butcher shop, selects a fresh UNFROZEN cut of beef called ARRACHERA which means skirt stake & grinds it himself because he doesn't trust the cleanliness of the commercial grinders. our dad NEVER boils our burgers! he slowly char broils them & when we eat them they are so juicy, fresh & so very tasty! if you ever come to zapopan jalisco mexico, we'll make you 1 so you can see for yourself just how tasty they are. God bless. keep up the great work. LONG LIVE CHEF GORDON RAMSAY!

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