Getting Eyelash Extensions in Bali // Ep 9 Southeast Asia Travel Vlog

Getting Eyelash Extensions in Bali // Ep 9 Southeast Asia Travel Vlog
So I did a thing…
I decided to put my eye health at risk for beauty, and go get eyelash extensions in Bali. Like they say, the eyes are the gateway to the soul.

Having eyelash extensions while travelling is amazing. You get to wake up beautiful every single day and never once put on makeup. Because who wants to wear makeup in the sweltering heat of Southeast Asia?

I had gotten these done in Canada by a “professional” before leaving on my adventures to Asia, however they lasted less than 10 days and I was extremely unsatisfied with them. I wasn’t expecting them to fall off so soon, and didn’t see myself seeking out eyelash extensions while in Asia. I figured, “that’s too sketchy, I’ll likely go blind”. Then I did a bit of research and weighed my own moral pros and cons and decided to go for it. I could have taken the safe road and gone to one of many high end boutique spas in Seminyak, where I could have had guaranteed safety and sanitation.. but no. I had a budget to stick to.

I decided I would pay up to 25$ Canadian for these, and from my research, I decided that Carla’s spa seemed the most reputable as far as the cheap spas go.
It was sketchy for sure, and the lashes looked a bit over the top. But I spent about 12.50$ CAD and my new lashes ended up lasting far longer than my 120$ CAD Canadian lashes. Overall, I was glad I went for it.

If you’re psycho like me, and want to try it out, here are some TIPS:
1. Clean your eyelids before you go. Wash your face, and then maybe take a cleansing cloth to your eyelids. They won’t clean them for you.
2. If you have very sensitive skin, eyes, eyelids, then don’t cheap out. Go to the boutique and pay western prices. **allergies to tape as well. I’m pretty sure he used scotch tape to tape my eyes closed..
3. If you want the lashes to last, don’t rub your eyes. At all. Don’t swim underwater. Try to use cloths when washing your face. Don’t put any eye makeup, especially mascara over top of your new lashes.
4. If you get to a spa and start to feel like it’s not clean, and you regret going for it, make sure to tap out before they tape your eyelids closed.
5. Most importantly, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. I make rash, impulsive decisions at best and this happened to work out. But I did read some horror stories. So make sure you really think this through as your eyes are very important k?
6. Remember that after your lash cycle is over, you will be left with very short dog like eyelashes. Give them time to grow back before you go back.
7. Good luck!

The journey begins!

Scotty and I quit our jobs, moved our stuff into storage and left Canada to travel all around Southeast Asia until the funds run out. We’ve always talked of doing something like this, but we decided to take the plunge and really go for it.

We are starting our travels in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and staying with our old pal and roommate Sunil. From there, we will be traveling to Bali, Indonesia.

Our goal is to experience as much as we can, get out of our comfort zones, and really live our lives to the fullest.

We plan to share this journey with friends and family and anyone else interested in our journey. The goal is to put out one travel vlog weekly, to share the good, the bad, and everything in between.

Stay tuned and enjoy the ride!!

Estie & Scotty
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Video shot on: Canon G7X Mark ii, GoPro Hero 5, and iPhone 6.

Getting Eyelash Extensions in Bali // Ep 9 Southeast Asia Travel Vlog

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