February 10, 2018/169 Travel centers of America LIVE

February 10, 2018/169 Travel centers of America LIVE
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February 10, 2018/169 Travel centers of America LIVE

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  1. I missed the LIVE BC-broadcast again JBG, but I was hauling 2 1/2 tons of sand to Jal NM for my kids new swimming pool Saturday, had a good trip and had a good BD party for my grand daughter there as well. Be safe baby blue!

  2. Looks like I missed the LIVE feed by 20 hours. I get JBG Travels on both PC and Smartphone, yet message only read on the PC at 6:35 Saturday morning. 🙁

  3. ADL sounds like a good company to work for. Wonder if your boss watches your vids? On you tube watched a true trucking story. The driver worked for a very large co. He had 5 yrs in & perfect driving record.Loads picked up on time & deliverer to receiver on time as well. One place he was sent to the truck was only to arrive max. 1/2 hr early. No sooner. Something to do with rules by the fire Marshall. Past trucks got there too early so the receiver called the trucking company & complained. We only want the trucks to arrive 1/2 early no sooner. Anyways this driver was ordered to go to that receiver but the dispatch forgot to tell the driver that he must arrive max. 1/2 early & no sooner. The driver got there 1 hr early & so the receiver was really mad. & called the trucking company. "We told you guys not to send your trucks too early."This 5 yr driver who had a great record & not even a scratch on his truck was called into his employer's office. Man in charge fired him on the spot. Orders came from the top that if their trucker got there more than 1/2 early he or she will lose their job. The driver was in shock !!! "No one told me that I must only get there 1/2 hr early but not any earlier."The driver went to the office & pled his case. I have a perfect 5 yr record & my dispatch did not tell me about info of when to arrive at the receiver. So to get his job back he had to explain to 4 different high ups & finally they gave him his job back.Why did this company fire a good worker???Office should of asked this driver why he got there way too early which angered the receiver's wishes. Driver then could of explained he was not informed about that info & it was then not his fault. 5 yr perfect record & driver gets treated like that !!!!!! Not good. Big company.

  4. Thank you for the update on Barb Miller John. Barb, all the best my friend if your're watching 🙂

  5. Whoa that Justin fella really screwed up, to be banned from JBG Travels. That would be the worst ever.  Good riddance tho.. Just sayin..

  6. So John, did you try the Country Pride restaurant at the T/A? If so, how was it? Do they still have "unlimited seconds" of your entre? Thanks. You & Babyblue have a great weekend!

  7. I missed the live feed..again. See John, I told you I am rarely first, in this case, I missed the whole darn thing..

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