Europe Travel Vlog #2 – Italy (and a little Switzerland)

Europe Travel Vlog #2 - Italy (and a little Switzerland)
Here is another behind-the-scenes look at our Europe trip. Italy was beautiful and Switzerland was spectacular!

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Europe Travel Vlog #2 – Italy (and a little Switzerland)

13 thoughts on “Europe Travel Vlog #2 – Italy (and a little Switzerland)”

  1. Hey Logan its Mikey from the meeting fans at Busch Gardens video. If you guys know when do you think you will come back to Busch Gardens Tampa?

  2. Hey I really like your videos and when is the next time your at cedar point and Hersheypark

  3. So Cool how you guys travel so much! I really love your videos, and I have been watching them for years now! I remember your first time going to Cedar Point!😂👍🏻 You guys are the people who got me into coasters!

  4. Kudos to Koaster Dad on his driving skills. Im sure it wasn't easy driving through the clouds.

  5. Cool Logan, I guess you were playing in the test seat, awesome, I does that at Cedar Point, Kings Island, and Dorney Park.

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