EUROPE TO AFRICA FOR $40 ! (Raw Travel Vlog)

EUROPE TO AFRICA FOR  ! (Raw Travel Vlog)
Goodbye Morocco, Hello Spain! Today was crossed the mediterranean sea on just about the roughest waters I have experienced but hey, we did it for 40 bucks. Get ready for our roadtrip around Spain and Portugal.

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EUROPE TO AFRICA FOR ! (Raw Travel Vlog)

19 thoughts on “EUROPE TO AFRICA FOR $40 ! (Raw Travel Vlog)”

  1. Not raw at all. Like your details in every vlog (way of transportation in each country, how to go from a place to another, currency exchange, prices…) those kind of details it matters for us as touristic travelers not only pictures and cinematic scene all time in all videos. So thank you really

  2. Haha the girls who saved your drone have accents that are part English part Spanish. Strange to hear but really interesting! Great vlog – Spain is one of my favourite countries so definitely looking forward to seeing what you guys did next!

  3. You can easily do more videos like this – raw vlogs. They are still interesting and shows daily problems and funny moments from travel days.

  4. I like these style vlogs, it’s more realistic. I’ve watched all your videos throughout the years and I still like the old vlogs much better. Seems more genuine.

  5. Dope haircut. hilarious vlog.. Keep up the good work… & lets get Lost again in the Next One..!!!

  6. I had no idea Gibraltar was apart of the UK 😳 Thanks for teaching me something today 👍🏽

  7. dude you should have stopped in Madrid….come on El Santiago Bernabeu is the highlight to Spain

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