Elderly woman fall off cruise ship

Elderly woman fall off cruise ship
Elderly woman fall off cruise ship. An elderly woman of 70 fell all the tender platform on Holland America’s Massdam cruise ship. She passed away on the platform after rescuers could not revive her.

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Elderly woman fall off cruise ship

15 thoughts on “Elderly woman fall off cruise ship”

  1. The crew assisted me, an able bodied healthy man, as a wave and my transition to the ship coincided. I lost balance at the exact point of crossing, and had 5 hands pulling me aboard the ship. Me a bit shaken and eyes WIDE, for them it was just Tuesday. Thank You, Carnival Splendor Crew.

  2. I think sometimes the crew are not trained enough, they usually use wait staff to do this in there off hours to make things more efficient. Not dedicated ships deck crew!

  3. I had an elderly lady boarding right before me in Belize a few years ago. It was pretty rough. They passed her walker across and she tried to stop over. I caught her by the arm when the tender boat dropped and she lost her balance. The cruise line worker next to me helped me get her back on board. I actually didn't end up going into Belize.

  4. Don, you are always so respectful. The news is tragic and thoughts and prayers for the family. I just want to add thank you so much for always taking people’s hearts into account and being a gentleman! Be blessed Don

  5. Thanks Don for this important video’ Also my sincere 🙏❣️❣️🙏condolences to the family at this time’

  6. There is the possibility that she may have had a medical event which led to the fall, presuming there will be an autopsy something may show. Either way a sudden unexpected loss is always very difficult.

  7. Thanks Don for the information. I noticed a phrase you used during this piece. That was you would update us as more news became available. Which made me think of other videos in which you said the same thing. Could you review some of your past videos and update them? What happened to couple kicked off Holland America, or the large group that took over the RCCL ship in Australia. There were other stories that I have been looking for your “updates”, but have not seen any. I really enjoy your videos, and your personality. I don’t miss any, and your channel is the first one I check when I open YouTube. Thanks for being so very informative.

  8. That is so sad!! I know when I’ve had to get on a tender, I always appreciate it when one or 2 crew members assist me as I step from the platform on to the tender. Sometimes it looks so easy until the motion of the ocean causes the tender to shift!! At a time like that, I am glad to have someone grabbing my elbow & helping me. Must have been devastating to her family & the crew members who jumped into the water to try to save her!

  9. Wow! What an awful situation! If I witnessed it I don't know if I would've been able to go on with my vacation! I would've been devastated! So I can only imagine how her Family and the passengers feel! 😢😢😢

  10. So sad for all involved. I wonder if she may have had a medical condition that caused her fall. No matter what the cause, rough seas, a misstep or some underlying condition, I hope her last days were wonderful.

  11. Sad news to here this , when we were on a cruise 🚢 to Tasmania last December we had to miss Port Arthur due to rough seas as that was by tender and we had to miss the port altogether we even had to sail right around Tasmania due the rough seas to get to Hobart it was a little disappointing but it was the safe thing to do for all our safety we enjoyed an overnight stay instead in Hobart and everybody’s safety was the priority of theCaptain and cruise line 🇦🇺😥🚢

  12. How awful that must be for that poor lady's family who are on board the ship. I hope that it gets resolve very quickly for everyone's sake. Thanks Don for letting us know about this terrible tragedy. Very sad news but I did as always give you a well deserved thumbs up because you put alot of work into you're videos. Take care until the next video. 😀👍💖👋

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