Dominique & Carlanella travels in ASIA

Dominique & Carlanella travels in ASIA
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If i could ship Dominique with anybody other than Kat, i’d ship her with her “LOVE OF TRAVELING” cause baby’s looking goooood and adorbs! But really tho, i thank her bestfriend for posting these short lovable videos from time to time. They give life to me like you would not believe! (makes me wish i was traveling right now) Anyway, Carlanella may post more travel videos of them in the future. If ever i’ll just upload another batch next time. For now, let’s enjoy these ones.

Guys, i have a compulsive need to compile videos! It’s getting real bad. But i do so to share and spread the love i feel just because i miss my babies too ❤ Comment below what you think!

Dominique & Carlanella travels in ASIA

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  1. Megusta mucho su travisias chicas tan bien me gustaria qu ustedes traviasirias en otros lugares como por ejemplo unas montanas ono y en las lanchas apoco en el aire tambien o en cuebas autedes les gusta aventuriarce megusta sus aventuras con ece paisaceje y esos lugares presiosos bueno me encanta no mefasina

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