CRAZIEST Moments at Airport Security Checks

CRAZIEST Moments at Airport Security Checks
Airline itineraries always warn people to get to the airport at least two hours in advance. That’s because going through the security check can take over an hour, especially if they randomly select you for an additional screening. Some have missed their flight due to annoying, usually unnecessary searches. Here are some examples of some of the funniest and strangest encounters with airport security.

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4 – Weekend With Curt
This silly story occurred inside a Liverpool airport located in the United Kingdom. Two women arrived at the terminal pushing an older gentleman in a wheelchair, who they told many staff members was simply sleeping. Well, as it later turned out, the man in the wheelchair was named Curt Jarant and he had actually died several days prior to arriving inside the crowded airport.

When attempting to push Curt’s body through the x-ray machine, his sunglasses fell off and security officers became suspicious of the two women. The women were Curt’s widow and his stepdaughter, who were attempting to save a few bucks on costly reparation fees which accompany flying a deceased person. How they thought they could get through check-in, security and then to his seat without anyone being the wiser is anyone’s guess.

3 – Rude Awakening
When the plane lands, there’s usually a mad rush of people trying to get off first, everyone lines the aisles and pushes and shoves, but for a few sleeping passengers, this wasn’t the case. In fact, a few travellers over the years have found themselves so tired, they didn’t wake up until well after the entire flight crew was long gone.

In 2010, a man named Kris Lines fell asleep on a flight from Calgary to Vancouver and didn’t wake up until around two hours after the plane had been emptied. He woke up to a ground crew performing routine maintenance on the aircraft. Both parties found themselves severely startled by the surprise meeting.

Later that same year, another passenger named Ginger McGuire fell into a deep sleep while on a one-hour flight from Dulles Virginia to Philadelphia, only to wake up three hours after the plane had landed to find herself locked inside the now abandoned aircraft. Several hours later, the terrified traveller was rescued by a cleaning crew.

But the real silliness of this situation was when the cleaning crew arrived, they asked her, “Don’t you have a cell phone?” When she said she did, the crew said, “Well, lady, why didn’t you bother calling for help? We could have rescued you hours ago.”

2 – Naked Revenge
By now it’s been established that getting through airport security can be a real pain, most travelers will bite their tongues and take the abuse, but, over the years, there have been a few disgruntled passengers who have taken a stand and decided to make things more difficult for TSA officers.

One such airport security vigilante was a man passing through Portland International Airport named John Brennan. After getting frustrated at the slow process, John reached his breaking point and decided to strip down to his birthday suite to awaiting security guards.

The TSA officer was not amused, or grateful for the attempt to make his job easier, instead he became infuriated and ordered John to put back on his clothes immediately! When John refused, he was arrested for indecent exposure. And now for the best part, when John showed up to court he protested his conviction and 1,000 dollar fine, and the judge took his side and threw the case out. Seems like this judge had his own problems with TSA and was able to get revenge for himself and for John Brennan.

1 – Dangerous Piercings
In 2008, a woman attempting to board a flight from Lubbock to Dallas in Texas, went through the security gate to encounter a TSA agent with a hand-held detector, which began to beep as it grazed her chest.

The 37-year old woman named Mandi Hamlin tried to explain they she had nipple rings, but apparently, that explanation wasn’t good enough for the female Transportation Security Administration agent who immediately called over her male colleagues. The passenger was informed that she would need to remove her body piercings before being allowed to board her flight. In tears and in front of a gaping public, Mandi attempted to remove her piercings.

Mandi has since reported that the male security agents were laughing at her during the entire embarrassing spectacle. The frustrated patron was so upset, she demanded a civil rights investigation into the matter. The last time we checked, nipple piercings weren’t dangerous weapons.

CRAZIEST Moments at Airport Security Checks

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  1. Jeez that is harassment! A chain saw is fine but forcing a cancer survivor to remove her prosthesis or a woman to remove her piercings publicly? Put those agents in jail

  2. I was stopped for carrying an epipen because there are no bees on the plane. I’m touch allergic to peanuts, and had a doctor’s notebook his supervisor came over and told him off. The supervisor’s wife has the same allergy.

  3. my father got like 3 cuts on his face from a strippers nipple piercings in Reno. they most certainly are dangerous.

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  6. I held up a TSA line once because they thought my kilt pin that looked like a sword was a weapon lmao

  7. People are too sensitive, just get through TSA. Unless they arrest you or make you miss your flight without cause it's all good.

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  10. these are made up stories. if they were real why didnt the video show the faces or the names of these people? or at least news clip or article about them.

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