Cozumel, Mexico – The BEST BEACH near Playa del Carmen?

Cozumel, Mexico - The BEST BEACH near Playa del Carmen?
We took the ferry from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel Mexico to discover the BEST BEACH as we travel Mexico.
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It’s our last day staying on 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen. In our travel Mexico vlog, we decided to take the 400+ peso ferry to the island of Cozumel Mexico in search of the best beach near Playa del Carmen. We did have to deal with some tourist traps on the island initially, but we quickly realized it was a good decision to travel here for the day.

We ended up spending the day at Tequila Beach Club, a local place not too far away from the ferry that we found from a few searches on Google Maps. The basic package was reasonably priced and included a drink, snorkeling equipment, beach chair, and access to the facilities. We had an absolute blast playing on the ocean jungle gym, snorkeling in crystal clear waters next to tropical fish, and relaxing on the beach in Cozumel.

If you’re wondering what’s it like in Cozumel Mexico, we hope our Mexico travel vlog gives you a little taste of what this island is all about. Make sure to stay vigilant to avoid tourist traps on Cozumel so you have a great time like we did!

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WHERE TO STAY in Playa Del Carmen: We really enjoyed our stay at Hotel Lunata!

BEST BEACH CLUB: Well, if you’re taking the ferry over to Isla Cozumel, we can recommend Tequila Beach Club. But if you’re staying in Playa Del Carmen, we highly recommend Lido Beach Club – It has great drinks, food, and some of the best prices we’ve seen in Playa del Carmen.

WHERE TO EAT: We really enjoyed Carboncitos and Lido beach club. There weren’t a lot of restaurants who treated us fairly, so be sure to stay vigilant if you go elsewhere, and give these honest restaurants your business.

WHERE TO PARTY: Tequila Barrel is where it’s at! It’s not a nightclub by any means but it’s a bar that’s full of energy, fun servers, dancing, and bar flare! Check it out in this video:

WHAT TO SEE (Day Trips): We highly recommend seeing the Coba ruins and going to the 3 cenotes nearby. It is an unforgettable experience! Check it out in this video:

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Cozumel, Mexico – The BEST BEACH near Playa del Carmen?

16 thoughts on “Cozumel, Mexico – The BEST BEACH near Playa del Carmen?”

  1. Actually we just got back from there ourselves! Had a great time. You're right, the beaches on the west side of Cozumel are awesome – all nice and clear, no seaweed. We took Winjet, which was a little cheaper than Ultramar ($350 pesos pp), and they weren't so pushy on trying to add overpriced tour packages. Overall the ferry was nice, has comfortable individual seats and good AC for the whole trip. Agree on the seasickness prep – the surf can be rough and those boats are relatively small, so that can be an issue! I found that looking outside was better than attempting to watch the TV screens on the ship.

    Overall, I agree on the preference order too. We went to Tulum on our first day, using a private driver that took us to the ruins and shopping (and cenotes later). We LOVED LOVED LOVED Tulum! Far more authentic feeling than Cozumel or Playa, better prices…just better all around. It was actually hard for us to deal with the vendors / prices in PdC after seeing how Tulum was. Definitely just staying there again! Already looking at property down there LOL (kinda)!

    Also found some better prices & easier vendors off of Avenda Quinta, even just a block up – not as good as Tulum, but much better than the overpriced nonsense on the main drag. We ended up staying off Avendia Quinta as much as possible, and stuck with smaller shops in town. Cozumel shops were nothing special, mostly tourist stuff aimed at the people coming off the cruise ships for day trips. We did find one lady that braided my daughter's hair for a reasonable price, though – but we had to look for her.

    For anyone else reading – my family and I felt totally safe, both during the day and into the evening. I was surprised at the number of families out late there – having that many people out made us feel better about it. We actually thought it felt safer than a typical American large town/small city would feel like at the same time. Kind of nice actually – very pleasantly surprised!

    Once again – thanks for saying what you really think of things, rather than just what some people want to hear. I firmly believe most people will get it – just like all things in life, nothing will ever be perfect so attempting to cast life in Mexico as perfect (which some out there try to do) is just not realistic. Overall you both treat Mexico in a good-natured and fair way, which is why I always jump on YouTube when I get notified of your new videos 🙂 Keep it up guys!!

  2. Crude joke warning. ⚠️ change the name of the show from tangerine travels to Mexican grapefruit guides to be more accurate with what she’s got going on… long way to go for a joke I know

  3. Hey guys, love those vids! I know Acapulco is kind of a hotspot but if you ever go there and want super "local only" recommendations, I'd be glad to help! Cheers!

  4. Sorry to hear that my friends but did you know that there is an agency I believe profeco that you can report that? That it stands for,consumer federal agency. Or tell tourist not to visit that restaurant,

  5. Sad what it's happening in PDC, I went many years ago and it was just a little town near the beach. I hope the Mexican authorities take care of those problems you have mentioned and solve them asap. And about Cozumel more tropical fishes swimming, I recommend you to go the other side of the island it is worth the trip you can see a lot of iguanas taking the sun both sides of the road, rent a scooter a motorcycle or a car and enjoy the island PM By the way, in the middle of the island there is a Mayan arqueological zone called San Gervasio (take insect repellent), besides along the road that surrounds the island there are many beautiful views. Saludos from CdMx

  6. Es una vergüenza que traten de pasarse de ratas con el turismo, además estúpidos porque se están autoboicoteando, el servicio es algo que distingue a un buen establecimiento pero al parecen en Cancun, Cozumel y Playa del Carmen la cosa se está pudriendo, empleados abusivos, vendedores intenseando, Gerentes que se hacen idiotas, autoridades corruptas y mafias. Muy triste. Por éso Los Cabos es mi lugar favorito, es caro pero no se pasan de lanza tanto como en la Riviera Maya.

  7. Your video was a recommendation and I love this type of channels and see the expieriance of other people in Mexico. So far I have seen a Russian and two Germans. Makes my day when they record their expieriance. For the two of you hope you keep enjoying your travels in Mexico.

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