3 thoughts on “Chief Keef – Water Resort (BEST SNIPPET)”

  1. My boy networking. Exspanding his brand. For the hataz. Sosa never fell off. Hes versatile asf. He switches up the style often due to schooling his new wave students and all his sosa mini mi's. Facts. 💯💯💯 Only thing is keef gotta get some videos and mixtapes for the songs he aint dropped yet. Then he'd be killing shit even more. I also see the pain in my boy eyes from losing his boys r.i.p. fredo,capo,and blood money. I miss them being present. SD need to come back also. But keef would progress even more not dissing his opps and still get credit. I wish he couldve put reese and durk on this it cause it would still be dope. Old sosa still unfolding in front of our very eyes. Bro just matured a bit.

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