CHICAGO Airports 25 YEARS AGO (1993)

CHICAGO Airports 25 YEARS AGO (1993)
A very unique opportunity to take a look at Chicago airline traffic a quarter century ago!

The program is available for download for only in our Classic Airport Series


CHICAGO Airports 25 YEARS AGO (1993)

14 thoughts on “CHICAGO Airports 25 YEARS AGO (1993)”

  1. Slowly but surely our programs from 20-25 years ago are become more popular and today I’m happy to release the Chicago program filmed in 1993. You can download the full program for just $15. Enjoy!

  2. All those great cheat-line liveries. So much better than today’s while whales/billboards.

  3. There was much more diversity of aircraft back then. Look at these beautiful BAe-146 at 3:07 and those tri-jets are spectacular. The United, American and Continental paint schemes were better then. TWA, America West and Mexicana!

  4. Awesome keep posting I admire your efforts in blast from the past aviation history.

  5. America West, TWA, and Continental! I love these throwback videos…I really love 'em 😀

  6. ohhh this video have…my age… xD 25 years…. Cool <3 At that time I was just a beautiful baby.
    who was already born on January 27, 1993

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