4 thoughts on “Carnival Vista Cruise Vlog Episode 3: Miami”

  1. It’s a double rainbow man 😂😂😂

    That desert in the steakhouse looked amazing!! We loved the steakhouse too but didn’t get a dessert like that!! Amazing!

  2. I’ll comment in real time! Matt. Sandy (wife) Delayed flights. Car trouble . Rainbow. Fenced in Alligators. Nice room! New people. Shuttle. FTTF. Gangplank. Miami. Wheeeeeee! Sweet cabin. Matt digging a hole with numbers 😂. Hand wash! Beer and BBQ! Games of chance.Trio!! Pants! Streakhouse! Awesome desert. Great video buddy! Can’t wait for more. – Tony

  3. Everything looks great. That dessert was definitly an art piece and I really liked Sandy's dress…..Oh and you need to get those pants that zip off at the knee… That way you are always ready.

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