Camp America Travel Tips | Kirstie Bryce

Camp America Travel Tips | Kirstie Bryce
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I have been fortunate enough to gather travel experience in so many different places in my life 💜✈️ so I thought I would share a few tips that have helped me out after camp the past few years.

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Camp America Travel Tips | Kirstie Bryce

10 thoughts on “Camp America Travel Tips | Kirstie Bryce”

  1. LOL 😀 We think of the huge states as countries too 😀 Hi from the Midwest state of Indiana that everyone forgets about 😛

  2. AHHHHH thank you so much for this video it was so helpful! So much to think about, 6 DAYS TILL CAMP:D

  3. I knew a guy named mathew who went to camp America in all them places too! last year as a camp leader

  4. Great travel tips Kirstie. I’m definitely going to use these tips during my next trip.

  5. If I had one piece of advice for someone visiting my fair country for the first time, it would be this: use the gap between the door and the door frame in public restrooms as an opportunity to cultivate greater mind power. I go in there with the attitude that, if anyone peeps through there while I'm using the commode, whatever they see is their problem, not mine. I'm like Paul Mua'dib up in there. "Gaze into that place where you dare not look… you will see ME, staring back at you!"

    So don't fear the public restroom. Roll up your sleeves, make crazy eyes, and poop like a warrior. Your friends will notice your newfound confidence after you've gone safely home.

  6. It's my first time at camp this summer and I'm so excited! It was your videos that got me to do it! Thankyouuuuuuuu

  7. head towards the Rocky mountains, and definitely shoot some guns. at a gun range of course. hot air ballooning is fun or rent out a atv and hit the American dunes. so much to do.

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