Camera. Travel. Bags. Why am I going to Europe?

Camera. Travel. Bags. Why am I going to Europe?
So I basically forgot to upload this before I departed for Europe but it was all shot and edited in LA the day before I left on this trip!

I hope it makes some sense, its just a rough outline of what I pack and what cameras I’ve been using and what bags I prefer.

Its also a bit about why and what I’m doing in Europe with 30 high schoolers!

Please let me know below what you thought and any other questions you might have! Thank you all so much!!

Camera. Travel. Bags. Why am I going to Europe?

12 thoughts on “Camera. Travel. Bags. Why am I going to Europe?”

  1. love this bro! can’t wait to see this channel grow dramatically & you inspiring more people. Already hit the notification bell 🤣

  2. This a dope video bro!! I’m looking to get into editing videos and photos! What do you recommend!

  3. You got a pretty great message on this channel. Hope you get more subscribers:)

  4. You only have 5K subscribers?! Not that the number matters lol but I feel like more people should be watching your videos! I’ve been watching your videos since day 1 and you’ve been so inspiring. And hope to serve more like you. Keep inspiring!

  5. your intro is hella dope! How did you first get into the filming for non profits? Its something I am hoping to get into somehow

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