Billionaire Barry Sternlicht: Investing in Houses, Hotels and Malls

An interview and Q&A with billionaire Real Estate investor, Barry Sternlicht. In this interview, Barry discusses investing in different sectors of the Real Estate in the US. Barry also talks about where he would and would not invest globally and why. 📚 Barry Sternlicht recommended books are located at the bottom of the description❗

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
3:54 What is the most attractive part of the Real Estate market?
11:00 Thoughts on interest rates? (Michael Kirby)
13:11 (Barry Sternlicht)
20:33 Would you rather own or operate hotels?
26:10 Hotels are a great trading vehicle?
29:01 Rent vs Buy?
36:35 B Malls?
41:15 Where would you not invest in the world?
48:21 What extra return do you need to go into Poland?
50:48 Is Real Estate different to other asset classes?
58:00 Political risk is not being priced into the market?
58:46 Start of Q&A
59:04 Thoughts on Africa?
1:01:35 Do you like healthcare?
1:03:02 Unique challenges to India?
1:06:45 Where in New York is it ideal to invest in?
1:09:40 How do you manage a non-homogeneous asset consistently?

Barry Sternlicht Recommended Books🔥(affiliate link)
Good To Great:
Who Moved My Cheese:

Interview Date: 30th April, 2014
Event: Real Estate Luminaries Series
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Billionaire Barry Sternlicht: Investing in Houses, Hotels and Malls
Billionaire Barry Sternlicht: Investing in Houses, Hotels and Malls

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  1. Video Summary: How to get billionaire? Build real estate. Done. Thanks, Sherlock.
    And from where to get the millions to build them?

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