BEST RESTAURANT IN HANOI?? | Cloudy Ha Long Bay and Rooftop Golf – Vlog #11

BEST RESTAURANT IN HANOI?? | Cloudy Ha Long Bay and Rooftop Golf  - Vlog #11
Days 39-41: We arrived early and exhausted in Hanoi after our final overnight bus, but we knew we only had a couple of days to enjoy Hanoi so we headed out (eventually, after a nap) to the Old Town. The streets in this part of the city are so easy to wander, with street food and small shops everywhere you look – even PUPPIES! After a while we headed back to the hostel before researching about a great little restaurant (Hong Hoai’s 2) for dinner that was catered towards teaching people all about the Vietnamese food, so we decided to try it out and it was without a doubt the best food we had all trip! The next day Jacob was determined to pick up his trainers that he had lost in Ho Chi Minh – see Vlog 9 – and it was a success! To celebrate, we had been told about a driving range where you hit the balls into the West Lake (the more upmarket part of town) by Jacob’s cousin Harry. So we enjoyed a relaxed morning before learning some history about the city in the afternoon, including the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and the Thanh Long Citadel. Our final day in Hanoi we of course had to book a trip to see the infamous Ha Long Bay. The weather was sadly not the best but we and the 30 others on our boat made the most of the day kayaking through lagoons, swimming in island waters, relaxing on beaches and exploring caves. We were sad to leave Hanoi after only 3 days as we feel we barely even touched the surface of the city! Two weeks in this beautiful and varying country was certainly not enough, we will be back someday 🙂

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1) Bermuda – Ooyy
2) Just Wanna Run – Sebastian Forslund
3) Play – Sebastian Forslund

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BEST RESTAURANT IN HANOI?? | Cloudy Ha Long Bay and Rooftop Golf – Vlog #11