Best Resorts at Walt Disney World

Best Resorts

Join me as we discuss the best resorts at Walt Disney World. We’ll pick one from each resort category: Value, Moderate, Deluxe and Home away from Home and we’ll tell you why we consider these the best of the best!!!
Best Resorts at Walt Disney World
Best Resorts at Walt Disney World

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  1. Stayed at the AOA in May and I have to agree. It is an amazing resort. We stayed in the nemo suites and it was just beautiful. We were very happy with it. And I also have to agree with the Landscape of Flavors. Really good and the create your own pasta is delicious!! And you get a good amount for the price.

  2. I've only stayed at 2, so I'll make my pitch for Port Orleans French Quarter as my fav moderate. Your favorite resort is really going to depend on what you want out of it (cost, amenities, luxury, size, ect.). For me it's the size that makes French Quarter my go to. It's the smallest of the non deluxe resorts, only about 1,000 rooms so no matter where your room is, you aren't terribly far from the pool/bus stop/food. Additionally, we found the bus experience very pleasant there, it wasn't overcrowded, and during peak day times(morning, evening) it has a dedicated bus. During the slower times of the day it only shares with sister resort, Riverside. The atmosphere is old school New Orleans, and really takes you away from the Disney atmosphere, so I think it's a good mental break after being at the parks as much as we are. The pool is quite nice, and I found it to be quite spacious, plus it has a fun water slide. Food court is decent with some unique things, such as po'boys and beignets(so good!). It doesn't have a sit down restaurant, but really, there are so many good restaurants at Disney and non of them are at moderate resorts, so unless you are looking for convenience, don't base your search on this. Additionally, it's only a short walk from Riverside, so you can always wander over there to see what they have(I've done this, it's probably a 5-10 min walk). For comparison, our last trip we stayed at Pop Century and I spent the whole time telling my daughter that I wished we were at French Quarter. Pop has a nice design, but good lord the amount of people. It's Disney, I expect to deal with a lot of people at the parks, but I don't want to deal with more ppl in the food court than I just did leaving MK. It's a zoo over there(almost 3 times as many rooms as French Q). Ultimately, it boiled down to size. We had a decent room to rest our heads, could walk only a few minutes to the pool, to refill our drinks or get a snack, or to catch the bus. We will be returning to that sanctuary on our 2018 trip. Nice video Walt, I enjoy the perspectives on places I haven't been yet!

  3. Sorry the video came out a little late this week. Had some technical issues over the past couple days!! Hope you like the video.

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