Best Phuket Beaches 2018

Best Phuket Beaches 2018
This is a video collection for you to choose from only the best Phuket Beaches 2018 on the island.

Phuket Island has some of the most memorable beaches in Thailand and all of Southeast Asia: In this video, we show you all the best beaches on the west coast of this incredible island: Nearly all of these beaches face west and offer fantastic sunset views: You’ll see in the beaches to follow that Phuket has a wide range of different beach types to match every kind of visitor: Whether you like to be in the center of the action, or on the outskirts enjoying a peaceful day under towering trees with a soft breeze blowing, you’ll find the perfect kind of Phuket beach for you as you watch this video:

Welcome to May Khao Beach 01:18
Welcome to NAI YANG Beach 03:10
Welcome to Nai Thon Noi Beach 05:47
Welcome to Nai Thorn Beach 07:11
Welcome to BANANA Beach 08:06
Welcome to TRISARA Beach 10:02
Welcome to LAYAN Beach 11:19
Welcome to BANG TAO Beach 15:03
Welcome to PANSEA Beach 17:10
Welcome to SURIN Beach 18:22
Welcome to LAEM SINGH Beach 21:38
Welcome to KAMALA Beach 22:54
Welcome to KALIM Beach 25:17
Welcome to PATONG Beach 26:28
Welcome to PARADISE Beach 29:03
Welcome to FREEDOM Beach 31:04
Welcome to KARON Beach 33:20
Welcome to KATA Beach 34:35
Welcome to KATA NOI Beach 36:23
Welcome to NUI Beach 37:02
Welcome to AO SANE Beach 38:23
Welcome to NAI HARN Beach 41:38
Welcome to YANUI Beach 44:02
Welcome to BISMARCK’S Luxury Villa Estate 45:57

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Best Phuket Beaches 2018

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