Best of Cannon Beach, Oregon with Kids 2018 [4K]

Best of Cannon Beach, Oregon with Kids 2018 [4K]
Cannon Beach was so spectacular in person especially at sunset with lots of fun educational experiences and activities for families in the surrounding areas. We spent 2 nights at the Hallmark Cannon Beach hotel with the 2 bedroom with View room. We highly recommend this hotel & room and wish we stayed at least a day longer. Tip: Rooms on the southern side have more direct views of Haystack rock.

Our favorite experience was walking to the rock at sunset during low tide. The kids loved touching the anemones, barnacles and other sea creatures of the tide pools. It was also amazingly beautiful! We bought firewood & fire starter kit from the Hallmark reception. They even offer marshmallows and sticks for sale. And we saved our spot while we explored the tide pools. We loved this so much that we did it both of our sunsets here.

A fun day trip was driving south to the Tillamook Creamery. Yes the Tillamook cheese, milk, butter and other dairy products we love!! It was a great educational activity with good grilled cheese sandwiches and ice cream! However, if you like seafood… across the street of the creamery was one of the better fish and chips and clam chowder bowls I’ve ever eaten. And I eat seafood often! The Tillamook creamery is about a 40 minute drive south of Cannon Beach. The drive has beautiful view points to stop along the way.

After the creamery we drove to Seaside, which is a cute town about 10 minutes north of Cannon Beach. We went there for the Aquarium as Amalin and Brody just love sea animals.

At the end of the day, we headed down to the beach for another beautiful sunset.


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Best of Cannon Beach, Oregon with Kids 2018 [4K]

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  1. This must be the most beautiful beach I've ever seen…especially at sunset! (And I'm from Hawaii!) Have you been to Cannon Beach at sunset? Please let us know what you did and if we missed anything in the nearby areas.

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