16 thoughts on “Best Love Hotel in Philippines”

  1. He tells us about the cost of the room but didn't tell us the cost of the little girl with him! She looked under age! She appears to be about 13 years old! Nasty! Shame on you old man!

  2. You should have got the big room in the back . very nice place been there several times. Mini stop out on the road to get your drinks and snacks before you check in

  3. Why buy something in Philippines? that is suicide, you owe nothing there. Better to rent, you can leave and move around, no one will plan to take over your assets in Philippines if you don't have any, specially the gold digger.

  4. here is where I Stayed last time in subic at 29.00 us a day………………Subic Bay Hilltop (2BR w/ SeaView

  5. called cabanas in Latin America and about 4 dollars for 2 hours, no body to see as door in room has a slider to put your money in, also has kitchen and can stay all night for 30 dollars…..

  6. They have these type of 💘 LOVE HOTELS all over mexico. And yes we do use them for hiding from the wifey..lmao

  7. Did you see the slut walk out at the end? Then she gave a bitch stare that could turn a man into stone. @ 5 mins 33

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