BEN GURION (TLV) Airport – The essential guide (2018)

BEN GURION (TLV) Airport - The essential guide (2018)
Landing in Ben Gurion (TLV) Airport? Then this video is for you.
All you need to know about security and transportation, as well as a few little tips.
The airport will probably be the first and last site that you visit in Israel.
There are a few things that can make your landing softer and cheaper.

Although the airport is called TLV, it is actually in the middle of Israel, so you can go on from there to Jerusalem, or even the desert or Galilee.

Your passport will not be stamped.

From Friday afternoon until Saturday night there are no buses or trains, so you’ll need to take a taxi or hire a car.

If you take the train to Tel Aviv DO NOT get off at the first station in Tel Aviv (HaHagana); it is the poorest area in the city and has no hotels or hostels.

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BEN GURION (TLV) Airport – The essential guide (2018)

16 thoughts on “BEN GURION (TLV) Airport – The essential guide (2018)”

  1. I got an AirBnB in Tel Aviv. What is the best way from TLV airport to my apartment? It is located on Allenby St not far from Gruzenberg St. I think it looks like a good location. This will be my first visit to Tel Aviv. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Good video.

    The idea behind the personal questioning is very simple. In Western countries security is all about what you carry with you. That is why they dress you down and check your shoes and tell you to open your bags in many situations.

    In israel is not about your luggage but about who you are. They ask you questions not because they're bored, but because they test your behaviour and trained to pick up small quicks that may hint of possible theat. If youre evading them, nerveous or behaving oddly, it will tell them much more about you than any x ray machine. The questioning is also to make sure you know what you carry and if you are ok in general

  3. Love your honesty been to Israel once and loved it but the second time God willing will be even better.

  4. Love your honesty been to Israel once and loved it but the second time God willing will be even better.

  5. Hi! Your video was useful for me. Thanx.
    I’m planning to visit Israel in the next few months, alone with my 6 month baby. I’m half European half Arab. I will fly from Budapest. Do you think there will be any problem because of my nationality?

  6. Hello from India. I just wanna ask more on the passport thingy… Due to my work purposes I have to visit other middle eastern countries also and for longer duration. But my 💓 is in Isreal. Its my dream to be there for the longest duration of time since my school days and I wish to help people there with what ever little I could ever do as I feel they are my people and I am one of you all. So want to know if I enter and exit isreal will I have trouble in going back to Middle East for work or how do I deal with it …. M so distressed…. My heart stays there in the people there 🤗🤗🤗

  7. when it comes to flying would i have problem with custumes there or back from the USA with Bringing my shofar?

  8. תודה על הסרטון. אני ממליצה להימנע ככל האפשר מנסיעה במונית ספיישל. לא די שזה יקר, זה גם לא נעים להיות בחברת הנהג. חבל שתיירים צריכים לראות את פני "הישראלי המכוער". לי זה קילקל כאשר חזרתי מחו"ל לישראל.

  9. Thank you for your video really helpful. I am flying on july 5 2018 just over the weekend arriving friday 4am. I will come from morocco to malta the malta to tel aviv. Do you think i can face problems with the immigration since morocco is an islamic country? And you think 200euros for food and tour and transpo is enough as a budget traveller for 3 days in the city using public transpo ans shekel? Ypur answer will be very much appreciated

  10. Wonderful video full of useful information. I will be arriving TLV at 18:00 on a Friday in October either going to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Are my only choices the shared 10 person taxis or a private taxi? What a generous service you offer through your videos. Thank you.

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