Belize-Guatemala Traveling in Central America OVERLAND TRAVEL SAGA Ep.41

Belize-Guatemala Traveling in Central America OVERLAND TRAVEL SAGA Ep.41
Traveling in Central America overland involves lots of border crossings. We drive across the Belize/Guatemala border and go to Isla Flores, Peten, Guatemala.

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Belize-Guatemala Traveling in Central America OVERLAND TRAVEL SAGA Ep.41

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  1. So glad Jaeger is doing much better. Been there done that with hard rives dying, so sorry. I appreciate all your efforts and time and monies spent in sharing your adventure with me and all of us too. Thanks so so much. I dont watch or have TV so this Youtube and your channel is way way better than tv ever could BE. I just wanted you to know this.

  2. Excellent stuff! Any push back from the locals because of the current US admin position/hostility?

  3. Go pro 6, we lowered the quality of recordings. Otherwise you need a new computer to handle the 6 software for the 4K format.

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