Bangkok International Airport – (Airports are my favorite place)

Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK), also known as Bangkok International Airport, is one of two international airports serving Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok international airport or Suvernabhumi International airport is among one of my favorite airports..

I never feel bored on arrival or departure..I never forget to document it whenever I am here at this airport. I have been to Bangkok airports many times and every time I document my arrival and departure.. Bangkok airport is very easy to get around and very passenger friendly and it’s really easy to find your gate no matter how far you are from you gate.

Mostly you will get a Free SIM Card upon arrival, but this time I didn’t get a FREE SIM card… I normally take Airport Link Train to go to City center… and I do it every time. This time also did that… I took City Express Train.. and I was going to Makkasan station… and from there I will going to take MRT to Sukhumvit station. .. it’s very convenient and cheapest way to get to the nearest place to your hotel.

I love traveling and I have traveled to many countries..but my most favorite country is Thailand and then comes the Philippines, there are more 7 thousands beautiful,exotic and tropical islands in the Philippines. I have been to Thailand several times since 2010. Traveling is something which teaches you many new things in your life and opens a ways in your life to see, taste and experience the things you have never done in your life before. Check my travel videos on my channel.

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Bangkok International Airport - (Airports are my favorite place)
Bangkok International Airport – (Airports are my favorite place)

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