Backpacking Guatemala | Central America Travel | (Part 1 of 2) HD 1080p

Backpacking Guatemala | Central America Travel | (Part 1 of 2) HD 1080p
Guatemala offers an incredible experience for any type of traveller. We flew into the country and began an adventure of a lifetime…

** During the trip my camera settings went all funky, which I noticed after I filmed. I am aware that some of the video footage may be over exposed, and some of the audio clips appear to sound loud, distorted, and possibly echoed. I’m fully aware of the quality of these video/audio clips, so please don’t rip on me. I still wanted to share

We flew into Guatemala city and drove straight to Antigua. Antigua will most likely be the place you will want to start your journey, as it is the go to location for most day trips to the surrounding mountain hiking.

We planned out where exactly we wanted to go throughout the country during our stay. The first half of our trip began with a two day hike, to view a active volcano called Acatenango. We spent one day going up, and one day coming down. The view from the top was incredible.

After we completed the hike, we made our way to Lake Atitlan, where we spend a few days relaxing and planning our second half of our trip.


– Portugal. The Man – Feel It Still
– Kasbo – Aldrig Mer (feat. TENDER)
– Foster the People – Sit Next to Me

Camera Gear:

-Panasonic Lumix FZ300
-GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition
-iPhone 7+
-Dji Osmo Mobile

Editing With:

-MacBook Pro / MacBook Air
-Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
-Adobe Photoshop CS5

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Backpacking Guatemala | Central America Travel | (Part 1 of 2) HD 1080p

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  1. What an awesome view you had of the volcano erupting! You should visit Guatemala City too, there's a lot of history in it with a combinitation of a modern and old historic places.

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