Antigua Zipline Tour & Antigua Best Beaches

Antigua Zipline Tour & Antigua Best Beaches
An Antigua zipline tour is one of my favourite Antigua attractions and one of top things to do in Antigua with good reviews. This Antigua canopy zipline adventure was a perfect way to spend a day on this Caribbean island. The Antigua zip lining experience was one I will remember as we were high in the rainforest canopy. The Antigua canopy tour is what you could call it as we were high in the trees of the rainforest. Antigua is definitely one of the Caribbean islands to visit and after we were done with the Antigua zipline tour we went on a road trip to see more of the island.

Let’s talk about Antigua best beaches for a second. There are no best beaches in Antigua because there are 365 beaches! There is a beach for every day of the year in Antigua so to call somewhere Antigua’s best beach is a little ridiculous. It all depends what you are looking for from this beach in Antigua such as snorkeling, clothing optional, quiet, busy, isolated, party… You name it and there is a beach on the Caribbean island of Antigua for you.

Some of the places we went to were Carlisle Bay which was just beautiful, the beaches in Antigua are simply stunning to say the least. We stayed there a while enjoying the Caribbean beach life before jumping back into the car and heading to Fort Barrington. Wow, Fort Barrington is incredible and can only imagine what it was like in the the past. Fort Barrington stands on top of a natural rock top which is the perfect place to see potential threats coming in and protect many harbours.

After visiting Fort Barrington we were on our way to Fort James in the city of St. John’s. Fort James was smaller but had many canons and was in better condition. This fort was also strategically placed to protect the harbor and sure it did an incredible job.

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Antigua Zipline Tour & Antigua Best Beaches