Amex Fine Hotels and Resorts

The Amex Fine Hotels and Resorts benefit is available for Amex Platinum cardholders.
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Amex Fine Hotels and Resorts
Amex Fine Hotels and Resorts

15 thoughts on “Amex Fine Hotels and Resorts”

  1. There are not a LOT of Visa Infinite cards, only the CSR and Ritz card. I'd say more people probably have AmEx Platinum!

  2. An issue with FHR is that their rates suck. Sometimes by as much as 15%. It only makes sense for me for up to 2 night stays, so $100 is fine. For 3/4 nights I usually go with Prestige and get the 4th night free, typically at extremely competitive rates.

  3. A really cool thing to note is that many hotels allow you to use the free breakfast as room service as well. You don’t have to go down to a restaurant. I used it at the Langham in LA and the Ritz Carlton in Atlanta.

  4. FHR via Amex Platinum can provide tremendous value. Typical use for me might be a 4 night stay, vacation, at A Four Seasons or Ritz Carlton. Breakfast for 2 typically has about a $75 value (x3= $225
    ). Typical room upgrade might be a better view to a Suite. I have received Suite upgrades many times, which would be a value of $1,000+ per night over booked room rate ($4,000) plus $100 resort credit. This is a pretty typical scenario for many Amex Platinum FHR users.

  5. You should mention that if you purchase fine hotels and resort, you will not receive any membership rewards.

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