ALL Operation Attacks – Hopping with the best Boom Beach Tribes

ALL Operation Attacks - Hopping with the best Boom Beach Tribes
The boom beach tribes for the second half of october 2018 are incredible and in this video we take my 4/4/2 account hopping with 7 statues boosted (3 gbe and 4 td).

We end up hitting in a few different TFs, most of which are Arabic and/or non-English speaking which always makes hopping a bit odd. You can’t chat with them to figure out their approaches for bases and have to guess a bit.

In this video we solo Armadillo (Deep Cut), setup Deja Vu (Duplexity), open Torrent (Massive Attack) and try something fun on Manticore (Forlorn Hope). Hopping was crazy busy and it just so happened that we got to hit all of the top 4 operations.

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**TF List:**

Triangle Nine (50 – Leaderboard – DX)

Small Nine (50 – Mid/Max Players – MA/FH)

Epic Nine (25 – Leaderboard – MA/FH)

Baby Nine (25 – Vets/High-Max Players – DE/DC)

Fat Fingers ♿ (5 – Leaderboard – on break)

Infamous Nine (10 – Leaderboard – on break)

Minor Nine (50 – Low/Mid/Max Players – MA)

Phoenix Nine(50 – Teaching for Mid/Max players – DC/MA)

Delta Nine(25 – Teaching for Mid/Max players – CC/CP)

Junior Nine(25 – Teaching for Mid/Max players – Tinderbox/Foxtrot/)

Infant Nine (25 – Teaching/Learning – UpperLip/Mambo)

Novice Nine (25 – Teaching/Learning/No Smoke – TickerTape)

Triangle Five (5 – on break)

Fat Nine ♿ (10 – Leaderboard prep tf)

Ice Nine (5 – Leaderboard – CP/DE)

✌️ Anon Moose (zmoT)

ALL Operation Attacks – Hopping with the best Boom Beach Tribes

17 thoughts on “ALL Operation Attacks – Hopping with the best Boom Beach Tribes”

  1. Really enjoyed this video, seeing some high-lvl hits live in a shorter video like this is very helpful and great! Thanks!

  2. It would be nice if the Boom Beach developers would make some programmatic changes to help facilitate hopping.

    1. Allow you to declare your 'main' tf and still let you get the op reward boat if you hop and come back before the op is over.
    2. Allow players to retain their rank (officer, leader, etc.) if they leave and come back. This would save other non hopping members the aggravation of continually promoting people. Program it so that rank is retained only if the player leaves on their own, not if they are booted.
    3. Allow the leader of a task force to hop out and come back without giving up leadership. It would probably require that the programmers allow you to enter a hopping mode to make it clear you were planning to come back to the tf. Maybe the program could ask you to declare a new leader that would be promoted in the event you didn't come back in a certain time frame, 3 hours maybe?
    4. Keep intel / op participation statistics instead of resetting them each time you leave and come back. I have noticed sometimes if you leave and come back quickly the stats are retained, but sometimes they are not retained.

    I think these changes would make a lot of hoppers happy.

  3. Great format zmot. You hopped in to our TF a few days ago “The Insomniacs” thanks for that 👍

  4. I haven’t done any higher level
    OP hits in a while but there’s still a lot to learn by watching these. I really dig this type of BB content.

  5. how does hopping work? Im still new, and do you get reward for all the hops, and if not, why do it?

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