25 Craziest Encounters at Airports

From TSA going too far to people who seem like they may have lost their pants, here are 25 craziest photos taken at airports!

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11. Free Ride
Everyone knows that travelling can get so expensive and many of us would just love to find a way to somehow get to our destination free of charge. Getting crammed into suitcases obviously didn’t work before, so people are trying to come us with more creative ways of getting to their vacation location. We’re hoping that’s not what these people were thinking while sitting on top of an airplane. Just hold on tight!

10. Where’s the Plane?
Everyone is waiting to get on the plane but the only problem is, uh, well there’s still no plane! ARe we missing something here or is the plane just invisible! Everyone wait your turn! You’ll get your crumby airline food eventually, no need to rush.

9Nun Check
What’s this nun hiding under her gown? Nunya buisness! Hmm so she thought she could dress up like a nun and no one was really suspect that she was trying to smuggle in heroin on plane? Seems like the perfect cover for a no good drug patellar, right? This could be the best cover for a terrorist we’ve ever seen before! Well guess what, she’s definitely getting checked! Turns out she’s clear..

8. Airport Recliner
Can’t those dang airports provide chairs that are just a little more comfortable for the public? We already get treated like animals going through security and what not. Just some cozy chairs to make our lives better is all we ask for! People have nothing to do for hours and if their flight gets delayed, who knows how long they’ll be there! This man here, took the matter into his own hands and found a way to get a little more comfortable that your average flyer! Hopefully he doesn’t wake up, but when you’re getting sleep like this guy is, it could totally be worth it!

7. Penguin Security!
Who knows what those no good penguins are doing hiding out in antarctica! The could be the perfect place for them to plot their next act of destruction without us suspecting a single thing! These penguins are just waddling their way through security like they own the place! Although they don’t have any place to hide their weapons, we know they’re up to no good!

6. Welcome home Mom
When a loved one arrives to an airport, they’re normally happy to see their family. Sometimes if they’re loved ones are really excited about seeing the person coming home from the airport, they might even construct welcome signs to greet them! But this family member wasn’t getting home from a long vacation in Europe, they were getting home from the big house! It might have been a little bit embarrassing. Looks like dad and the kids out did themselves on this one

5. Flying Freaky Class
This woman is clearly a terrorist and strip search, for someone like here is absolutely necessary.There has to be some perks to working airport security or no one would willingly want to do this job right? Either they’re giving her a more thorough strip search to make their day just a tad more interesting or she just enjoys flying freaky class and gave them a little show just cuz.

4. Go Granny!
There’s always just one slow person at the airport that seems to be keeping everyone from making their flight on time. She might not even realize that she’s holding up the entire brigade of people. Or she does and just doesn’t give a flying hoot!

3. Oops
It certainly looks as if someone’s flight is going to be getting delayed! Being a pilot certainly can’t be easy at all times and we know that weather can definitely be unpredictable! Some one down on the ground level didn’t tell this pilot that the ground might be a little bit slippery and he needs to enter the runway at a slower speed!

2. Child Claim
Someone please claim your child at the baggage claim. It’s just been sitting here for a while and no one really seems like t hey want to pick it up! It’s understandable that being in a foreign airport might be confusing for some, but she should keep in mind this is not a designated sleeping area. If no one claims this child soon, it will be kept in the lost and found for safe keeping or put to work at a factory, depending on which country it is.

1. Get Her!
Tsa finally spotted the person that got in on the plane with a no good nail clipper! Somehow it got past security during the initial screening and someone at TSA is about to lose their job! Could have imagined the amount of chaos she could have wreaked if they didn’t catch her! Ok so the story might not be real but the photo is!
25 Craziest Encounters at Airports
25 Craziest Encounters at Airports

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  1. As for the #1 story, that last shot of a gal in black dress getting arrested on the plane is plainly guilty of being gorgeous! The look on her face is amazingly sublime!

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