20 Things to do in Florence, Italy Travel Guide

20 Things to do in Florence, Italy Travel Guide
Come join us as we visit Florence, Italy in this travel guide covering the best things to do, eat and experience in the city. Quite possibly the most beautiful city in Italy features stunning architecture, cathedrals and artwork along with great food and markets worth visiting. Overall, no trip to Italy is really complete without a visiting Florence.

20 Things to do in Florence City Tour | Italy Travel Guide: (FIRENZE ITALIA)

Intro – 00:01
1) Florence Cathedral (Il Duomo di Firenze) / 5 Attractions Pass: – 00:35
2) Bell Tower of Florence (Giotto’s Campanile) – 01:32
3) Florence Baptistery (Battistero di San Giovanni) – 02:16
4) Museum of the Works of the Cathedral (Museo dell’Opera del Duomo) – 02:41
5) Crypt of Santa Reparata – 03:00
6) Filippo Brunelleschi’s Dome of Florence Cathedral – 03:19
7) Gelato Grom – 03:42
8) Uffizi Gallery (Galleria degli Uffizi) – 04:27
9) Pizzeria Toto for Italian pizza- 06:09
10) Piazza della Signoria – 07:05
11) Palazzo Vecchio -07:19
12) Loggia dei Lanzi – 07:23
13) Galleria dell’Accademia di Firenze / Gallery of the Academy of Florence – 08:07
14) Ponte Vecchio – 09:19
15) Piazzale Michelangelo – 10:18
16) Sunset Views of Florence – 10:20
17) Food at the Central Market in Florence- 10:47
18) Central Market Florence for grocery shopping – 12:00
19) Cooking Pasta at Home – 12:12
20) Florence at Night – 13:37
Outro – 13:40

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Our visit Florence travel guide covers some of the top attractions including a food guide to local Italian food, top sightseeing tourist attractions and the city by day and by night including visiting cathedrals, pizzerias, ruins, parks, the coliseum and the Vatican City. We cover activities you won’t find in a typical Florence tourism brochure, Florence itinerary or Florence, Italy city tour also known as Firenze Italia.

20 Things to do in Florence, Italy Travel Guide Video Transcript: (FIRENZE)

Florence: when it comes to Renaissance art, there’s probably no better city in the world to soak it all in!

Our time here was spent viewing works by Italian masters both in museums and public spaces, marvelling at the architecture – in particular Florence Cathedral and its massive dome, going in search of the best lookout points, and eating plenty of pizza & gelato sharing the best things to do in Florence on your visit.

We paid 15 Euros for a ticket that gave us access to 5 attractions associated with Florence Cathedral. Giotto’s Campanile, the bell tower stands 84.7 metres with 414 steps.

We made our way over to our next attraction: the Baptistry. Known as both the Florence Baptistry and the Baptistry of Saint John.

We continued to Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, which is a museum dedicated to conserving artworks relating to Florence Cathedral.

It was time to climb the dome of Florence Cathedral. We ate our gelato at Grom and it was delicious.

The Uffizi Gallery is considered one of the best museums in the world focusing on the Italian Renaissance. Most of the art collection you see today was gifted to the city of Florence by Anna Maria Luisa, the last Medici heiress.

From Uffizi Gallery you get some pretty cool views of Ponte Vecchio and the Arno River from a higher vantage point.

We visited in Florence was Piazza della Signoria, an L-shaped square right in the heart of the city. A landmark in this square is Palazzo Vecchio or the Town Hall. And to the right of this building, you have the Loggia dei Lanzi.

Speaking of David, we did find him, over at Galleria dell’Accademia. Michelangelo’s David depicts the Biblical David carved out of a single block of marble.

Ponte Vecchia during the 16th century that one of the Medici ordered for the butcher shops to be replaced with jewellers.

When it comes to sunset in Florence, there are no better views than from Piazzale Michelangelo overlooking the historic center on the other side of the Arno River.

This indoor market is foodie central with the second floor of the market is filled with eateries. Central Market is a great place to pick up ingredients to bring back to your kitchen.

We hope you enjoyed this Florence travel guide and that it gave you ideas of things to do.

This is part of our Travel in Italy video series showcasing Italian food, Italian culture and Italian cuisine.

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20 Things to do in Florence, Italy Travel Guide

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  1. Oh wow what a gorgeous place with the views!!
    Work of art
    Thanks for sharing this great video

  2. I'm Italian and I'm not offended at all by your homemade cooking :-)! Venite a Paestum ed a visitare la splendida costa del Cilento (even to taste the best buffalo mozzarella in the world)

  3. We loved Florence so much. It is awesome, would be great to go back. We stayed one street back from the Dumo, with a magical view of it from our bedroom!

  4. Malaga ice with raisins reminds me of my childhood when the first Italians have opened up icecream parlours in Germany in the 60's of the last century. By that time a cube of icecreme was 10 Pfennig, nowadays sometimes more than 1 Euro.

  5. I can wait to come to Italy…you guys make it all look so special…and I could almost taste the food too…Lol…thanks!!! 😘

  6. Florence …. the cradle of the Renaissance and Italian art !
    Already just to see the original statue of Michelangelo's David closely, it is worth taking a trip to Italy and going to Florence. It is a unique breathtaking experience that shows us the artistic greatness of Michelangelo !

  7. My apologies Audrey, I am still fond of Portuguese food based on your feedback (i.e., like 2-3 weeks ago), I do apologize for not replying back right after but honestly I was sort of busy with family cr.p…anyhow, I do love you both as a brother or sister :)…What makes your channel special is that you guys are honest Canadian, making good vblog content(s)….you guys are the best and wish you all the best from Tehran/Iran

  8. Nice video. A tip for you. The best gelaterias in Italy always cover their gelato with lids. The ones that are puffed up and exposed are for tourists and not the better ones. The lids help to maintain freshness and Italians know what good gelato looks like anyway.

  9. Wow amazing video. I visited Italy before and this video makes me want to visit this city next

  10. There is so, so much to see in Florence. Would highly recommend the Farmacia Santa Maria Novella (as well as the associated beautiful church) and the Galileo Museum, which showcases examples of scientific tools, globes, maps, experiments, timepieces, and much much more used by scientists from the 1400s-1800s. Just jaw-dropping.

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