14 Days in Europe with a Carry On + Travel Essentials!

14 Days in Europe with a Carry On + Travel Essentials!
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Hi guys! I’m currently uploading this from the Munich airport. I really enjoy travelling light and wanted to share my travel essentials! I’ll be in Europe for two weeks and this is all I’ve brought with me 🙂 Hope you enjoy! x

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14 Days in Europe with a Carry On + Travel Essentials!

6 thoughts on “14 Days in Europe with a Carry On + Travel Essentials!”

  1. sorry if this long comment, What your thoughts for going every year to
    see my family in New Jersey from Arizona? i can take 2 check in luggage
    that my grandparents pay for me and I meet my uncle & aunt at our
    family beach house for 1 month i hope to go next Summer with my sister
    this trip in August and we usually lounge round during week since they
    both work and sometimes we walk up to the beach for the day and weekend
    we wait to go shipping whenever my aunt is done working. I usually
    either over or under and lucky my dad came this past trip so laundry
    help i could of pack less but sometimes he goes up north to stay for
    work so i did pack enough last trip wish i remember but what your
    thoughts for every summer?

  2. It's so cute you packed all these granola bars and almonds.. by now you probably know we have a pretty good selection of those over here in Europe, too 😀 Hope you're still having an awesome trip! <3

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