10 REAL Haunted Hotel Horror Stories – Darkness Prevails

10 REAL Haunted Hotel Horror Stories - Darkness Prevails
You HAVE to visit these REAL LIFE Haunted Hotels! Just don’t say I didn’t warn ya 😉 Enjoy these allegedly true scary stories with scary music and horror sound effects.

Artwork by https://www.twitter.com/YeahManTV !

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Allegedly True Scary Stories List:

1. My Haunted Hotel Room by Gothika1 0:37
2. Room 1 by TheCrimeEnthusiast 5:56
3. I Met a Black Eyed Kid by DearDearAgony 9:10
4. My Haunted Hotel Story by OCGirl 12:51
5. Ghost Call by Sean 14:35
6. Haunted Hotel Stories by Dylan M. 16:48
7. The Rave by Anon 21:07
8. Hotel California by Susan R. 25:14
9. Seven of Us by Homer O. 29:39
10. Paralysis Reality by Kristy 33:23

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10 REAL Haunted Hotel Horror Stories – Darkness Prevails

18 thoughts on “10 REAL Haunted Hotel Horror Stories – Darkness Prevails”

  1. Yet another thumbs down. As long as you insist on calling 'haunted' or 'paranormal' stories **true**, I'm going to give a thumbs down every single time. I've said this many times but I'll say it again. If you want to claim a story as true, you can't say it's paranormal or haunted or whatever, because nothing paranormal has ever been proven to exist. It's like attributing the cause of something to Santa.

  2. 😮😮😮💜💜💜👻👻👻👻👻👻
    ⭐ Keep up the Great Work!!!

  3. Dude every time you say an “s” it fucking whistles so loud it hurts my ears please get a better mic or something

  4. I work at a fairly new hotel, the night shift…I know the hotel is haunted. I hear someone walk up behind me and when I turn around, nobody is there, this happens to me all of the time. One night I was doing paperwork and watched the inside sliding doors open and then the outside sliding doors open as if somebody walked out of the hotel but there was nobody there. Just the other night I heard the ice machine spitting out ice as if someone was getting ice but it wasn't hitting into a bucket so I walked to the end of the front desk, to see why somebody was just pushing the button and letting the ice hit into the catch tray, the noise stopped and nobody was there… Nobody believes me…😱

  5. if I pay to go to a haunted hotel room I better get assaulted and violated by a demon or I want my money back

  6. At 9:13, I thought the name of the scary story was" I met a black guy" before he finished saying it, and I was thinking dude…

  7. I was in a hotel the night this video came out and it was creepy as hell, my brother kept talking in his sleep to “the lonely one” as he called it in his sleep. Spooky lol

  8. Dollars to donuts, resident “ Skeptic “ is climate change Believer….Enough said…This man is gifted in his craft, bugger off, while we enjoy…

  9. More trucker/driving horror stories would be nice, if you can get more. 🙂 And of course, more "weird stuff in the woods" is appreciated. Doesn't need to be said but unexplainable stories are more interesting than "weird people" stories (especially stalker ones; those get old)

  10. Hotels? naw, I stay in the most lit hotels and when I can, I rather drive all way through without sleep! just to not get scared, and don't get me started on hitchhikers… I simply do not see them while driving after 9 pm.

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