होटल की ऐसी सच्चाई जो आप नहीं जानते |TRUTH OF HOTELS

होटल की ऐसी सच्चाई जो आप नहीं जानते |TRUTH OF HOTELS
इस video मैं बताई गयी सभी जानकारी Internet के माध्यम से लिए गये हैं. Video का उद्देश्य Hotel Industry को गलत दिखाना नहीं हैं, वल्कि ग्राहकों को सतर्क करना हैं. हम यहाँ सारे होटलों की बात नहीं कर हैं. इसीलिए कृपा करके video को गलत तरीके से ना ले.

Whenever you go out on vacation, you are the only way to stay. While traveling on one of the hotels, I can feel like a luxury to you. But before that you need to keep information about many things important. You will be surprised to know that seeing a lot of hotels is a great way to showcase the many secrets that are hidden from you. If they does not do this then the reputation of the hotel will be questioned and the people will stop going to these people. Today we are going to tell some other secrets that are hidden from hotels that hide the hotels from you. But tell for your information. We are not talking about all hotels here.

Hotel I live in more than 100 people throughout the year in which I live. Such things may be used by different people in the room. Some accessories such as tv remote, light swithches or telephone are never cleaned properly and do not clean up some items for a month so that there is a possibility of spreading the disease. That’s why. So whenever you have to stay in the hotel room, to clean such things of the room, I will take antibacterial wipes with them.
Whenever you ever book a hotelroom, you are expected to get a clean sudar bed to relax. That’s why the first time you enter the room, your first sight falls on the bed of the room. But let me tell you that many hotels, bed sheet and pillow cover are not cleaned for many days and if blanket talk is not clear for months We do. Because of the mess, if you ask the housekeeper to put the second bed sheet, then he gives you the bed sheet of the second room.
A report I have come to know that glasses which are kept in water for drinking water for some hotels are not cleared for several days. Housekeeper clean these glasses without clothes. So if you stop any hotel then take a bottle or glass of plastic and drink water.
When you check in at a hotel, then it’s important to find out which amenities are free and I do not know. I do not get many things free there. If you think I’m free to use stuff I’ll add it to your bill.

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होटल की ऐसी सच्चाई जो आप नहीं जानते |TRUTH OF HOTELS

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